just Wooden Name Tags

Working With Businesses Large and Small


We create only wooden name tags. Each name tag is engraved and cut-out one at a time using an Epilog industrial laser engraver. We are not a mass production facility.  Each name tag, which is considered to be an individual work of art, is created entirely in our southern California studio and finished by hand.

The name tags are coated front and back with a cab acrylic lacquer.  The edges and engraved areas are not coated.  The name tags are ideal for indoor use.  These name tags should not be considered water-resistant and must be used with care outdoors.  Name tags appreciate being wiped occasionally with a furniture polish such as Pledge.







We do apply a Prop 65 warning label to each shipping carton.  The shipping carton is the immediate container for our products.

We engrave on three hardwoods


Three Woods

Our name tags are created from either
Red Alder, Cherry, or Maple.

Magnetic Fasteners

Most always customers choose these strong magnetic fasteners.


Pin Fasteners

Some name tags are ordered with pin fasteners.  For example if a name tag is to be used on a very thick coat or jacket…or in a housekeeping situation.